training room buffet catering service

Training Room Catering Service

Training Room Catering Service

TheOffice Penang has experience hosting both large and small events. Our team is committed to provide a professional and pleasant TheOffice event venue with catering. We can provide food catering to fulfill your demands, depending on the type of event you want to host. Lunchbox service is available for lunch breaks, and buffet style catering can arranged for multi-day private events and training. Contact us now and let us prepare your next event!

Catering Pre-Packed Meal Menus

Catering Menu
Food & Drinks Menu Options (Subject to Availability). Please contact us for further request
Breakfast Lunch Tea Break Economy Set
Roti Canai / Capati / Fried Noodles / Kuih
Main: Chicken / Fish
Vege: Fried Vege / Acar
Side: Egg
Included: Rice
Fried Noodles / Sandwich / Cakes
Fried Noodles
Hot Drinks Cold Drinks Cold Drinks Drinking Water
RM 7.50 per pax
RM 22.00 per pax
RM 12.50 per pax
RM 5.00 per pax

Kuala Lumpur Catering Service


Weekday Catering (Min 15 Pax)

Enjoy our specially curated weekday packages for 15 people.

Weekend Catering (Min 50 Pax)

Celebrate the weekend with our larger packages designed for 50 people.

Your go-to destination for delicious packaged meals!

  • Breakfast: RM 15 per person
  • Lunch: RM 25 per person

Drinking Water Available

  • Drinking Water Bottle
training room catering food service and water

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We provide catering service for in-house TheOffice training room users. Suitable for both corporate and private events such as training, seminar, sharing, workshop, conference, discussion, interview and more, you are sure to find exactly what you need. The most important is we provide catering service from Halal vendors along with personalized, friendly services and good food for your events!